Friday, September 24

Dream No Evil (1970) - 1985 Active Home Video VHS

To make a long story short, I recently ordered a tape of the rare Fatal Images (1989) from Amazon's Marketplace. Yesterday, after getting a shipping notice several days prior, I suddenly receive a refund with a nonsensical explaination (account adjustment?!?). I guess the seller dubbed "mjentertainment" decided to renege on the deal after discovering how rare the tape is compared to how low their price was. What-the-fuck-ever. So in lieu of an entry on that flick, here's a scan of John Hayes's Dream No Evil released by the same little known video distributor. This copy is still factory sealed and needless to say I haven't seen this one yet. VCI has released the film to DVD in their "Psychotronica" set with five other cult obscurities.      

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