Saturday, September 4

Dead Alive (Braindead) (1992) - 1997 South Korean Film 4 Home Entertainment VHS

This tape was featured in one of my old YouTube videos and I thought it deserved its own scan. Like I said in the vid, the red banner at the bottom seems to indicate the most severe of the country's ratings. I've seen green and yellow-bannered tapes of much tamer works on eBay. Unfortunately, the film clocks in at 87 minutes and is edited of much of the violence (South Korea's rating board has eased in recent years like the BBFC). This edit appears to be derived from the unrated North American version. I still think this tape is pretty badass for its least outside of its native country.

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Cteve said...

That wasn't rare at all 3 years ago, but now it is. Pretty much all stores in Seoul are out of this title. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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