Tuesday, September 7

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night's Trailer

Longer day at work, so I'm keeping things leisurely this evening. This promotional trailer for Kevin Munroe's upcoming Dylan Dog: Dead of Night has been popping up and then vanishing from the 'net recently. Thanks to Jack over at En lejemorder ser tilbage, we have a currently stable YouTube video. Naturally, since I posted it, another sudden disappearance is mutually assured.

As for the trailer, this production that seems to have taken forever looks to have popcorn potential, but I'm still rocky on whether it will come anywhere near the legion's expectations that the comic series has built over twenty-five years of existence. At best, Dead of Night looks helmed by a Guillermo del Toro several years after an horrific car crash gave the Hellboy director permanent brain damage. At worst, Underworld's Len Wiseman on a Twilight-high. Either way, "from the director TMNT" doesn't exactly warm the crimson cockles of the horror fanboy heart.

I've personally read only Dark Horse's English mini-series and a few fan translations, but it's all about the little touches in Tiziano Sclavi's expansive paper and ink creation. A filmmaker like del Toro could definitely impart that, even with a minuscule budget, but who knows with Munroe. There's also a distinct lack of European atmosphere in the three minutes below that permeates every frame of the comic. I'm sure the more diehard fanbase could, and probably already have, tear this trailer asunder (where's Groucho?).

No idea who Brandon Routh is, but he has huge shoes to fill in light of Rupert Everett's intellectual turn as a hybrid of the character in Michele Soavi's Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetery Man, 1994). Sclavi actually modeled Dylan Dog's appearance after the British actor, so it only seems right the role always belong to Everett (who knows if he'd even reprise anyway). Although I'm biased, Soavi's last horror feature is of incredible importance to the genre acting as a headstone to an era and style that should never be forgotten. The 1994 film, despite being very stripped down and self-contained, possesses that certain rich texture both in its appearance and thematic depth the Dylan Dog source demands. That's coloring my whole reaction to this mediocre action-oriented trailer, I guess time will tell...              


DrunkethWizerd said...

So that new Superman guy is the new DellaMorte huh? Interesting... oh and lookey, is that Ty Diggs? Should be super cute.

Matt-suzaka said...

Routh, as Drunketh mentioned, played Superman in Superman Returns. Not the most well received film but he made for a fantastic Supes as well as a great Clark Kent. Not so sure about the film based off that very Buffy looking trailer, though.

Franco Macabro said...

Yeah, I saw the previews and was underwhelmed, but who the heck knows, maybe the movie itself might end up being cool. I hope it will.

Im a huge fan of Cemetery Man, but this looks like its going in a different direction...we simply have to wait and see..

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