Wednesday, November 3

Nightmare on Elm Street 5 (나이트메어5) (A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child) (1989) - 1991 Starmax South Korean VHS

Here's another Korean tape that plopped into my mailbox, Starmax's "Nightmare on Elm Street 5" clamshell. As with some of my other tapes from this country, the home video market there must have been geared towards A/V-minded enthusiasts over the average joe. This VHS starts with a contrast and color bar pattern with orchestral Hi-Fi demo playing over the tests. No movie previews, but two short commercials depicting affluent types hawking a Samsung 8mm camcorder and VCR. The version presented is the R-rated cut, like New Line's recent VHS and DVD, but unlike Media Entertainment's original unrated VHS. The source seems to be a theatrical print exhibiting a metric ton of stray lines, flecks, and even reel change burns throughout the feature.

As for Elm Street 5, probably since I saw it at a young age, it's not what I'd consider the worst of the series. Some interesting ideas are present, most obviously the Krueger's Baby angle (complete with weighty abortion allusions), but yea, it's a mess otherwise from a severely undercooked screenplay. Freddy is pure comedian, somehow looks far older than he did in any other entry, and his few kills are as goofy as his one-liners. Check out the cool lion sticker on the spine!

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Stephen Langlois said...

Wow, thanks for sharing. I think this video cover is more interesting than the movie itself, though I am sucker for the Nightmare On Elm Street series. I especially love the Sears Photo Center pose on the back cover with Freddy casually leaning on his knee. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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