Tuesday, November 9

Prison (プリズン) (1988) - 1988 CIC/Empire Pictures/Victor Japan "Etched Foil" VHS

Been wanting this tape for awhile, Renny Harlin's Prison from CIC/Victor with a holofoil cover that brilliantly catches light. All of the reflective specs and studio info at the bottom of the back cover wasn't picked up by the scanner. It is the fully uncut version in English with Japanese subs. The back also had a big rental sticker stuck right on the cover but Goo Gone saved the day! I liked this one back in these May thoughts, even with the dumb climax (definitely a Harlin flick), and ordered the British DVD yesterday for a rewatch. I'll report my critique of that disc's picture quality in the future.


Lonely Ghost Transmissions said...

That is awesome! How much did it set you back?

DrunkethWizerd said...

Total sweetness!!!

Jayson Kennedy said...

$14 shipped from Japan, it was a Buy It Now on eBay for a few weeks before I pulled the trigger.

Anonymous said...

thats amazing...most bling ive seen on a VHS cover in a while!

...do you dare tread upon the staircase?

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