Thursday, December 15

Good Mail Full Moon Deals at Dollar General!

I haven't confirmed this firsthand, but apparently Dollar General (and possibly also Family Dollar) have Full Moon's Subspecies Epic Collection and Puppet Master Collection box sets for only ten bucks a pop. That doesn't seem too great with Echo Bridge triple featuring these two series for $5 at Wal Mart; however, these ten buck sets were and are considerably more expensive online. It's still unclear which exact Puppet Master set they're selling, but it would be funny if it was the "complete" collection that at one time was commanding hundreds on eBay...until Full Moon mysteriously found more. Now it looks like the liquidators have come a knockin'...

...and hooray for mail!


DrunkethWizerd said...

I can confirm it, somewhat. Yes they do. I Think it's 1-4. They've also got a Dollman/Demonic Toys set too. Also, they just got a whole load of soundtrack releases (the scores only), with such films as I Know Who Killed Me and others I can't seem to recall at the moment. Maybe, Mr. Brooks, a few remakes... a lot of horrid shit too.

I was pretty out of it when I went there. But I picked up the Puppet Master box a few times but left it as it looked a little bit cheap. It's not all the films in the set though. It's a four pack, both of them, with flimsy cardboard sleeves. You know what, I'm sure it's still there... let me check if I can this weekend and I'll get back to you.

Stereo Stations said...

Yeah the Dollman/Demonic Toys set is there too. Puppet Master is 1-4 and Subspecies is 1-3. They also had the bluray of Puppet Master and Subspecies for $10 each. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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