Wednesday, December 14

Satan's Blade (1984) - 1985 Prism Entertainment & Galaxy (Trend Video) Canadian VHS



Jayson Kennedy said...

For some reason the Galaxy cover is supposed to have that off-white border.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Not really sure why, but it's always bugged me when a logo has a super long bit to it like that knife on the bottom art, and then on the spine the title of the film is far off to the right all weird like.

Jayson Kennedy said...

Yeah, the border on that one throws off the whole cover, it's not even centered correctly.

The Prism has a "top running" logo too, but it's less noticeable being in silver foil.

Jayson Kennedy said...

Although the Galaxy seems to be one of the harder to find releases, it was also released with the same art with "Trend" in place of Galaxy. I've seen the Trend pop up more between the two Canadian tapes.

The Idler After Dark said...

Dig the Prism cover but the Galaxy one is almost a little dirty (and not in a good way). Maybe it's just the scrolling effect, but it looks a little weird.

Sure I've seen another cover for this one - something more "EC"-looking. Have to look it up and see if I'm crazy or not.

- Aaron

RaroVHS said...

Cool covers! This tape was also released in Argentina. Cardboard box release: you dare tread upon the staircase?

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