Monday, December 19

Japanese LaserDisc for 1¢ (+ $6 shipping)

Sorry about another entry about a Japanese LD for a second day in a row, but I'm still all giddy over what arrived today. This one was spotted last week on eBay without any mention of being the Japanese edition beside a picture of the cover. Amazingly, I won with the starting bid of one shiny penny and six bucks shipping. Perhaps even more amazing is that the seller came through and the LD traveled across the entire country via UPS Ground intact. Too awesome!

(notice how one of the chapters is named "Fuck you, asshole")


robotGEEK said...

What?! That's crazy! It would seem like the seller lost money in this transaction after the eBay and Paypal fee's, wouldn't it?
That doesn't make any sense, but it's awesome! Love that cover!

DrunkethWizerd said...

That's pretty fuckin' sweet right there! Don't worry about posting similar items in a row. I don't think anyone out there gets bored with your posts dude.

robotGEEK said...

I second that!

Balun's Ghost said...

Never apologize for laserdiscs. Especially Japanese ones.

robotGEEK said...

My thoughts exactly. I've just gotten used to the fact that Jayson has the best luck at finding the coolest stuff over and over and over again. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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