Tuesday, January 10

Awesome Vestron BURIAL GROUND Pen and Pad on eBay...

Too rich for my blood, but this promotional item definitely rocks!


David A. Zuzelo said...

That is fantastic and cool, but I'm going to be amazed if it sells at that price. I'm about as big a fan of that film as there is, but can't see dropping the price of 7 or 8 Blu Ray copies on a cool promo.

Still, I really wish great promos like that still happened!

Anthony1138 said...

Bad Ass.

Jayson Kennedy said...

Maybe I'm insane, but if I could buy the original Japanese tape totally mint and complete for the around that price, it would be damn tempting!

It's amazingly tough as hell to find that one in completely unfaded condition.

As for the Vestron, I don't even think I have a copy of their tape!

Deranged said...

My first exposure here in the UK to the majesty that is Burial Ground was via Chas balun's Horror Holocaust. We only had the butchered prints as Nights of Terror, missing everything! I was overjoyed to pick up a unfaded Vestron cassette about 12 years ago! And that is a nice promo item!

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