Sunday, January 8

Nail Gun Massacre (1985) - TCC Video Japan VHS (w/ word of an upcoming VHS release)

You know, despite seemingly everyone hating this no-budget Lone Star State garbage, I can't force myself to be included amongst these distractors. Sure, it's awfully acted, repetitive, stretches the believability of the lethality of roofing nails (catching one in the hand or shoulder proves fatal), and features an incessant score of woodblock slapping and maracas. Yet it's all never quite too much of any one of those aspects to get irritating. There's also never any condescension and everyone involved appears to get the shit their shoveling with an innocence that outshines all the negatives. I still need to pick up Synapse's disc, only have this one and this home-recorded tape.

EDIT: Huh, according to this on the film's "official" site, Nail Gun Massacre is coming back to VHS!


Thomas Duke said...

Sweet! That cover rules. I have the Magnum VHS, with it's gloriously cheesy cover, but I prefer that one. I hadn't ever seen a non-US VHS of this before.

DrunkethWizerd said...

You can't not love that cover. It's so fucked up and awesome!

Rockie Bee said...

I recall when I was in middle school -- 1985 or so -- there was a '60 Minutes' feature on either this film or a 'snuff film' featuring a similar scenario captured on the box art. The things that make old people mad, eh? you dare tread upon the staircase?

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