Monday, April 1

And yet another new Spanish Horror Double Feature from Code Red...

Code Red dropped another double feature DVD late last night in their webstore. Apparently this one was supposed to arrive with the Possessed/Demon Witch Child release a few days ago but there was a delay at the replicator. They've also found a stray box with an unspecific limited amount of their now collectible, discontinued disc of the batshit crazy Boardinghouse (1982). I didn't grab this DF, but did order that OOP release before it disappears again into insane price aftermarket hell...           

EXORCISM'S DAUGHTER (Las melancólicas/House of Insane Women)
1974 / Rated R / 1.78:1 16x9 Widescreen

Tania (Analia Gade), an asylum patient, is under a doctor's care while suffering raging behavioral effects following the death of her exorcised mother. This international overseas horror mishmash has a nasty prison, some familiar faces Francisco Rabal (SORCERER), Helga Line (THE VAMPIRE’S NIGHT ORGY), and is directed by Rafael Moreno Alba (BRIDE TO BE).

NIGHT OF A 1,000 CATS (La noche de los mil gatos)
1972 / Rated R / 2.35:1 16x9 Widescreen.

It's HUGO & DORGO'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURES! Hunkmaster Hugo (Hugo Stiglitz, TINTORERA) is a millionaire playboy who boogies down in Acapulco and picks up sexy young Euro babes in his private Air Chariot (helicopter). Hugo whisks them away to his secluded old castle, where he wines, dines and seduces them with his hot, bland look. With the aid of his little, bald mute helper Dorgo (professional wrestler Gerardo "El Romana" Zepeda, EL TOPO), he kills his dates, keeping their heads in a crystal cage and feeding their chopped up body parts to his 1,000-strong army of blood thirsty, flesh hungry cats. It's meowtime in Acapulco tonight! From Master of horror director Rene Cardona Jr.!

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Anonymous said...

the re-pressing of earlier releases is their best move yet. the more they offer direct, the more it will hurt ebay scalpers and their dumbass exclamation marks and acronym pitches you dare tread upon the staircase?

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