Tuesday, April 2

Eugenio Recuenco's original version of Rammstein's Mein Herz brennt finally appears...

I'm unsure how many of my visitors are Rammstein fans, but this might still be of some interest. Back in
December, Rammstein debuted a new video for their 2001 single, Mein Herz brennt, to commemorate their greatest hits compilation, Made in Germany 1995-2011. At the time, the video was initially made out to be another collaboration with music video director Zoran Bihać who directed several prior videos with the group. But then a making-of featurette appeared with behind the scenes footage of a slew of sequences not in the final video and interview bits with Spanish advertising photographer Eugenio Recuenco.

Soon after, Recuenco voiced what many were assuming; that he was the original creative force, but was cast off after displeasure surfaced over his version of the music video. Bihać was approached, new sequences were shot and mixed with Recuenco's material, and the resulting official video was drastically different. Pretty much a dick move on the part of Rammstein's management and one that royally pissed off Recuenco if his posts on his Facebook were any indication. Now suddenly and without much explanation or fanfare, the original edit found its way online, presumably by the photographer and with permission from the band.

I'm a bit torn about which I prefer. Both are basically a jumbled mess of provocative images, but Bihać's cut-and-paste edit has more visceral impact in relation to the power of the music. However, it is indeed great to see Recuenco's more sedate vision get its due after much speculation that it would never see a release. He was at least owed that after how much it seemed like a blatant screwjob to even the most diehard of Rammstein fan.     

Eugenio Recuenco's Version

Zoran Bihać's Version

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