Thursday, April 11

My SAW III Prop: Angus Macfadyen's Beretta Magazine

A few days ago, Freddy in Space posted about buying a chunk of fake flesh used in the final outing of the Saw series, so I thought I might as well share this Saw III prop from my collection. This piece is the magazine Jeff (Angus Macfadyen) finds loaded with a single round along with a Beretta at the start of his "trap run" near the beginning of the movie (see it over that the IMFDB). Ultimately, Jeff uses this one shot to mortally wound Amanda (Shawnee Smith) during the climax after finding his way to Jigsaw and discovering his wife just shot by her. He then tries to shoot Jigsaw with the empty pistol.

Unfortunately that bullet wasn't included, but I'm quite fond of Saw III. I feel the series reached its peak with this, as originally intended, trilogy-ending series wrap-up. Although after the box office was tallied Lionsgate gave us four more truly lackluster entries. I still can't understand whenever I spot it on "best to worst" lists as being the worst (Saw IV easily). So I wanted to grab something actually from the film if the right opportunity ever presented itself. The small details and wear markings on this steel magazine match on-screen, especially evident on the Blu-ray.

Saw props from Raybin Management have actually come under fire from collectors in the past. They've pointed out examples of where Raybin described pieces as being used on-screen only for the prop marked that way to obviously differ from the one used in the movie upon direct comparison. A few months ago I almost bought what was supposedly the burned up VHS discovered by detectives after Troy fails to escape the chains dug into his skin all over his body also from Saw III. I did some research and found two other Troy tapes both with Raybin certificates of authenticity online. I promptly pulled out of the deal. They all could have been real, but there's a big value and just plain desirability factor to verified props handled by actors in the finished movie. Raybin is an authorized props dealer, but still be careful with their descriptions...

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