Saturday, April 27

Exposé (The House on Straw Hill) (1976) - 1987 Pack-In Video Japan VHS

Udo Kier stars as an acclaimed author who hires a typist (Linda Hayden) to assist recording his free flowing creative process, but eventually deadly ulterior motives driving the help's dedication become apparent. Despite feeling very European with lots of (dubbed) Kier, flesh from Hayden and Brit sexbomb Fiona Richmond, and bright blood splatterings; it's all too askew to make much impact. The characters and their disembodied reality almost feels like a close proximity to the way real individuals would react in the same scenario. It's a tough sensation to describe but it's hard to believe every character could possess such awkward decision making.

The worst aspect being the climatic twist, making you more pissed than surprised, that betrays a payoff that could have put a satisfying cap on this little revenge flick. Ultimately, Exposé is popcorn fluff with a reputation that's nastier than anything contained within. Aside from some optical fogging of genitalia, this Japanese VHS is fully uncut and looks better than other tape presentations (if the drab clips on YouTube are any indication). I'm glad I saw this sexploitation roughie in a tape trade rather than actually buying Severin's upcoming Blu-ray/DVD combo. Disappointment would have ensued.


DrunkethWizerd said...

I kinda like it when every character makes the absolute weirdest decisions ever, since it makes for a fun ride. I'll probably pick up the new BluRay if I find it for a good price as I've always wanted to see this one. Also, the Japanese cover is just splendid. Bloody boobs are quite fascinating after all.

MoreThanHorror said...

Found your blog via Bloody Disgusting’s Horror Blog Awards. – Congrats! So far they have been right on the money. I’m really enjoying your blog so far and will definitely be visiting more. –good work and thanks for sharing your horror love!

Jayson Kennedy said...

Thanks MoreThanHorror

And yeah, I just found this one didn't offer much, so the strange nature of the characters became irritating. It's watchable, but I doubt I'll be seeing it again anytime soon... you dare tread upon the staircase?

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