Monday, April 29

Texas Chainsaw 3D Finally Hits Japanese a few months...

While most territories have already seen John Luessenhop's poorly received Texas Chainsaw 3D, Japan appears to be the last to receive a limited theatrical run starting July 13th. Here's the official Japanese website, Twitter, and Facebook. Below is the one-sheet, love the design, and two 1920x1080 overlays from the website that could make nice wallpapers. Also I'm firmly in the "fucking bullshit" camp over the announcement that the unrated version will only be available via digital download. Irrespective of the movie's quality, this is a spectacularly dickheaded move on the part of Lionsgate. Personally, I can wait as long as it takes for the unrated cut to reach physical media to see this in any form.



Flytag said...

Thank you Jason for this picture, it's my new Wallpaper now :)

Deranged said...

Having seen this at the cinema I could wait as long as possible never to see this again! you dare tread upon the staircase?

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