Thursday, January 7

BoGD at the Award Memes

<--- Busey will do anything for $15 and a BK Quad Stacker. So it's award season within the horror blogger community and I'm surprised and honored to be snagging nods from an assortment of lovely fellow bloggers-in-arms. First up, Ms. Reaper over Dollar Bin Horror bestowed a Kreativ Blogger award upon BoGD's mantle. DBH is a great blog I ran into during the big Ms. Horror Blogosphere competition/scandal(?) and I had no idea Ms. Reaper knew this blog even existed, so double warm fuzzy thanks! Next up is another Kreativ Blogger from my once-Film Talk forum buddy Carl over at I Like Horror Movies whose mission appears to be to watch and review every horror film in history, twice. I'm frequently impressed by Carl's maniac viewing regime and hopefully ILHM will be a welcoming mega-prolific mainstay in our little sect for a long time to come.

Jay over at The Horror Section, the inspiration for this very blog, dropped another sissy-looking Kreativ Blogger upon my blogger stoop. I immensely enjoy Jay's witty contributions that consistently interest me (similar taste n' all) like few other blogs. Then that creepy dude from Videodrome, Professor Brian O'blivion at The Cathode Ray Mission, awarded BoGD with a One Lovely Blogger. I hate frilly coffee cups stuffed with pink roses (makes me turn all Randy Savage), but it's the gesture that counts. Nah, I'm happy to have the good professor as a reader and his January 1st Femme Fatale Friday entry on the beauty of Christina Lindberg needs to be dually noted as my pants spontaneously combusted on New Years from...errrrr...mysterious circumstances. Last but not least, Geof at Enter the Man Cave just included me in another One Lovely Blogger award handout. ETMC is one of the few non-genre specific blogs I frequent and I keep coming back for the surprising diversity in his content. So The Hangover is really that good, just curious?

Thank you guys very much for the very kind words and mentions! I'm always humbled by these, the comments, the hits, and the followers of this blog. As I've said before in the past, I started BoGD because I thought I could contribute something unique to the horror blogosphere and I'm excited to see what pops up on here daily despite this being my blog--if that makes any sense. I will notice some of my favorite blogs, besides the great ones above, in an upcoming entry. No, not another Ginger Bush ceremony, but something with my own little twist. Thanks again and continue to blog hard in 2010!


Professor Brian O'Blivion said...

Thanks, I hope your pants exploding didn't make too much of a mess...

The Man-Cave said...

Thanks for the kind words about me and ETMC, Jayson. I truly do enjoy your site.

And yes you should really check out The Hangover. It is really a funny film. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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