Sunday, January 17


Well, upon encountering a nice price™ on a sealed copy of Halloween 2 at the swap meet (thank you nefarious K-mart employee!), I bought it despite advising everyone not to while wishing Rob a happy birthday a few days back. I'm hypocritical! Hehehe. Actually, I figured I'd give Mr. Zombie another chance even after despising his prior ruination since this sequel is pretty much completely separated from the original series. Now it's his own baby to run over with his Dragula or get up and kill. Though I will watch with the full benefit of the doubt. That and the grisly throwback goodwill from his Firefly family adventures is still there for me.

I also snagged Angel Heart on Blu-ray at Sam's Club. As an FYI, also for $12.88 they had My Bloody Valentine (1981), Cujo, Frailty, Near Dark (shitty picture quality), Red Heat, and Way of the Gun. For $9.88, I spotted The Monster Squad (excellent picture quality), Amusement, and Midnight Movie. Just in case if any of you guys are members and want a little extra Blu-ray incentive to go and grab that three gallon bulk tub of popcorn butter and thirty pack of Irish Spring. Hey, anyone else see the sexual innuendo in the cover of Halloween?

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Buscemi said...

I was also at Sam's Club today. Though I didn't notice any horror for cheap, I did see the Dirty Harry Ultimate Collection box set for $50 and some Sergio Leone titles for $9. I might pick the Dirty Harry set next time. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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