Monday, January 11

More Awards and the Shit-Eatin' Palance Award

The hits keep coming with much gratitude. I'm much honored to receive a second mention over at Z for Zombies for another One Lovely Blog award. Fearfinder awarded a One Lovely Blog OF DOOM! for my techie tendencies and lack of writing acumen. There's a ton of gory imports I still need to check out reviewed there and his thoughts always entice. Also FF's masthead absolutely freaks me the fuck out being a pool of real blood...or at least the realest fake blood I've ever seen. The always impressively comprehensive Cool Ass Cinema mentioned BoGD in the same breath as The Scandy Factory, but Mr. Tangerine Man won the One Lovely Blogger for his addition of bountiful breastsies that inhabit the same space as gooey VHS goodness. Can't argue with that logic! Finally, always much thanks to Johnny at Freddy in Space for mentioning BoGD in his House of the Devil VHS entry. Thanks again to all those kind enough to praise my efforts here! I'll try and continue what keeps all you guys coming back!

Now for the unveiling of a new Basement of Ghoulish Decadence-approved award, the highly coveted Shit-Eatin' Palance. Named in honor of the Ukraine-born Western actor legend, this incredibly distinguished award is given to ten exemplary blogs that upon visiting plaster a big 'ol shit-eatin' grin on my mug whilst sipping on my nightly White Russian and splashing on some Hai Karate. This award will be bi-annual like the Ginger Bush, so if your blog isn't chosen this go-around, there will be a next time. Here are this round's recipients, if you wish, feel free to post this award on your blogs with pride!

The Scandy Factory - Mr. Tangerine's fantastical VHS-dedicated photo/video/nudie lady blog is the ying to BoGD's yang. His vintage tape-ripped videos are pure gold much like Richard motherfucking Dawson hailing Satan.

The Horror Effect - B-Movie Becky's a pimp...if girls can be pimps? I have no idea, but anyway her blog runs the gamut of modern horror with unique wit and opinion. She makes for a better read than the official Ms. Horror Blogosphere in my meaningless book.

The Cheap Bin (post-DOTS scandal) - Astro returned with a vengeance causing a 37% drop in DOTS candy stock. Covering with delightful mofo glee even worse trash than before, the cheap bin relocated into that one Chinese market in the bad side of town...yeah, that one with the seventy year old quad amputee mystic next to the K-9 meat market...

The Direct to Video Connoisseur - I just discovered this blog which places an unusual attention to both the good-and-bad of a slew DTV wonders. Or in other words, the kind of meanderings I desire to read before picking up that $5 DVD at the bottom of Wal Mart's dump bin.

En lejemorder ser tilbage - Jack has the same obsessive version control and import OCD as I. You know that one super rare Taiwanese tape that's the only uncut release of that one splatter epic that was banned in its native country? Jack either has it already or is on the constant hunt for it. Also check out his other blog, When the Vietnam War raged... in the Philippines.

Planet of Terror - Great, easy-readin' randomized horror blog that approaches blogging in a similar style as BoGD and I personally find his taste agreeable to my own, hope that's not too much of an insult! I'm unsure what this Cortez is crusading for, but you count on my steel.

Billy Loves Stu - Pax presents the "other" persuasion of horror comment and delivers a perspective that just might be wholly unique in the gory least to my knowledge. He also undoubtedly knows of what he writes on a wide variety of genre topics. Plus I imagine he's probably more fit than all of us fatass bloggers.

The Horror Digest - Andre has a appetite for horror that seems only equivalent to Carl over at ILHM. Her individualistic attitude is all over her writing and she likes Session 9, Jacob's Ladder, Demons, and I "think" she likes she checks out just fine.

The Jaded Viewer - Dude's a maniac who anchors a well-designed blog with great writing. He's currently providing readers with a great multi-blog perspective on the horrifying year that was. The variety of reviews and his lists are also spot-on excellent.

Lost Video Archive - A great (mostly) VHS-dedicated blog covering an always surprisingly diverse review spread of tapes, everything from
Sho Kosugi to Techniques of Stamping (hilarious review). A solid tapehead endeavor acting as another feast to my magentic obsessions.


Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you much. And no, not an insult at all good sir. So much the compliment. And I'm crusading for truth, justice and the cheesedick horror way (aka the trashiest cinema that I can possibly find!).

Jayson Kennedy said...

:-), no thank you!

Also remember guys my praise is true but the award is tongue n' cheek. :p

the jaded viewer said...

Thanks dude. Mucho honored to be bestowed the Sh*T Eatin' Palance award.

I hope to live up to this award and one day film a sequel to 2 girls, 1 cup starring its namesake....hmm he's actually dead.

Well it can star that annoying sister from Mr. Belvedere then.

Pax Romano said...

Thank you so much for this, my umpteenth award in as many days!

I swear to do good by my SH*T EAT PALANCE, and display it proudly on my mantle.

Seriously, thank you so much.

Andre said...

Don't "think"... but KNOW that Martyrs is the best movie I have seen probably in my entire life!! I'm obsessed.

Thank you so much I am honored beyond belief! I was just thinking the other day that my blog needed an extra dose of profanity! heheh : )

Zach S. said...

Congrats! You deserve it.

I'm diggin this award season, my blog subscription list has like triped thanks to this swap meet.

The Goodkind said...

Again, I'm late to this one, but the Shit Eatin' Palance is an award I will be proud to sport. Thanks sir.

Anonymous said...

"the ying to BoGD's yang"
Possibly the coolest compliment I've received. Loads of thanks, Jayson. It warms me to see how us tapehead bloggers work together pretty fucking well. I ask again, who needs an inadequate paperback tribute when the gang's all here? you dare tread upon the staircase?

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