Tuesday, January 19

Sick Day Odds and Ends

I'm feeling a bit under the weather today, so here's just a few tidbits that might be of interest. First off, I wanted to congratulate and welcome Erik to the horror blogosphere with his new blog, Ramen, Robots & Red Sauce. I've known Erik for quite sometime from DVDAficionado's now gone-with-the-wind Film Talk forums. The man's goo-ry people with a taste for morose vintage cranial violence and it's great to hear another voice in our expanding community.

Next up, if you're an independent horror blogger, be sure to scope out Pax Romano's newly devised Union of Independent Horror Bloggers, which is a pledge of maintaining journalistic integrity in the face of free stuff like movie screeners and passes. This is certainly something all of us should be able to stand with, so be sure to throw it up on your blog. I tweaked Pax's design below (scroll down/to the left) and I don't mind if one decides to take whichever image, but it's a good thing to get behind either way.

Blu-ray.com put their Zombieland review up today with direct 1080p screenshots and as usual Sony hits it out of the park with another stellar transfer. On this note, anyone whose been a long time BoGD reader is probably aware of my liking for grilled queso action, and Sony has just released the mecca of action blockbuster bombs, Last Action Hero, onto Blu-ray last week with zero fanfare. I have no confirmation on this, but I believe the film was never properly transferred to DVD. Every release across the globe, even the Japanese Superbit and broadcast HD versions, has a prominent reddish-purple haze over the image. This screenshot comparison between the German DVD and Sony Blu-ray proves the studio re-transferred the film for the format resulting in a properly color-corrected picture. Finally. You know this one is already on the way to my mailbox! Jou wonna be a faormor?

That's about it for today, I have some interesting titles enroute including a few tapes from a country who recently had their first citizen achieve spaceflight, so perhaps I'll be luckier and feel better tomorrow.

I miss White Zombie...


DrunkethWizerd said...

"I can hear myself breathing..."

Hey, thanks dude. You're the f'n man, and as usual, the haters can go lick vast amounts of balls.

And though my blog will feature such extras as: food, hot chicks and robots(I mean, who doesn't love those three things? - I'd eat a hot chick robot for lunch anyday.)... my blogs DNA is not just laced, but solidified with the grimness of Horror. And horrifying things. And what's more horrifying than a smiling half-naked Amanda Bynes? That's right baby.

J. Astro said...

I'd post that blogger integrity thing but it's sort of a non-issue, since no one ever sends me free shit to be biased on to begin with. :)

Anthony1138 said...

I'm especially looking forward to your review of the Last Action Hero BD. Quite frankly, a little surprised you didn't get your grubby hands on a copy already.

The Japanese Superbit DVD is one of my most prized, so I have high hopes for this release. Though if those comparison shots can be trusted, I think we're in for a big treat!

Pax Romano said...

Tweak away, my friend. Glad you are spreading the word, some day we will be bigger than the Screen Actors Guild!

Hope you are feeling better.

...do you dare tread upon the staircase?

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