Tuesday, February 9

Unfaded vs. Faded

Oh how I loathe thee, ultraviolet saturated cardboard of untold video store shelf life...


Anonymous said...

I like the faded one. If I hadn't seen how it's supposed to look I would think it was supposed to look that way.

Anthony1138 said...

Which tape actually plays back better?

Jayson Kennedy said...

The faded one actually, though the tape looks more beat up:

Top: Faded
Bottom: Unfaded


(notice the slightly different labels, also the unfaded tape as a spine label while I don't think the faded tape ever had one. The unfaded tape might be older, as the "big square" type of cassette face label was replaced by the more normal rectangular sticker on the top tape)

Anthony1138 said...

That's really weird, especially with the faded one being an ex-rental. I guess you really can't judge a tape by it's cover.

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