Sunday, June 6

Swap Meet Finds: You opened the box, we came...

This morning yielded a great haul. So much so I'm going to do a bulleted rundown with details on what I discovered. Many of the tapes are from a familiar dealer, notice the price stickers, who disappeared a few weeks ago. No idea what happened, but a guy that buys everything in bulk from other sellers that can't move their stuff had the tapes for nothing. All the tapes were either a buck or 50¢ and the books were $2(!) a piece.
  • Penitentiary (Xenon)
  • Midnight (1989, notice the cover is ripped from Barbeau in Creepshow)
  • Friday the 13th, Part 6: Jason Lives / Halloween II
  • The Concrete Jungle (1982, RCA/Columbia Home Video, quite rare)
  • Severed Ties (1992)
  • Dawn of the Dead (Thorm EMI) / Raiders of the Lost Ark (factory sealed)
  • Angels Hard as They Come (1971, Embassy Video)
  • Not of this Earth (1988)
  • Scream (1981, Vestron / destroyed box but the tape looks good)
  • Phantom of the Opera (Robert Englund)
  • Jacob's Ladder / Fright Night
  • Fun in Acapulco (1963, extremely old Magnetic Video edition)
  • Manhunter / The Reptile (Anchor Bay clamshells)
  • DVDs: The Wicker Man (theatrical) / Zombie Pack w/ Zombi 3 / After Death / Killing Birds
  • MGM Greatest Moments (51 minute video sampler hosted by Roddy McDowall)
  • Drunken Master II / Fist of Legend (Tai Seng uncut editions)
  • The Concrete Jungle (1982, the real British M.I.A. Video VHS, not a bootleg, unsure how I found this one in the States!)
  • Johnny Guitar (1954, NTA Home Video)
  • Point of Terror (1971, Neon Video clamshell)
  • Horror and Fantasy in the Movies by Tom Hutchinson (1974)
  • Horrors from Screen to Scream by Ed Naha (1975)
  • The Best, Worst, and Most Usual Horror Films (1983)
  • Cult Horror Films by Welch Everman (1993)
  • The Movie Treasury: Horror Movies by Alan G. Frank (1974)
  • The Movie Treasury: Gangster Movies by Harry Hossent (1974)
  • An Album of Modern Horror Films by Frank Manchel (1983)


Anonymous said...

WOW, awesome haul.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Sweet finds on those books!

Pack-IN-Video said...

That Point of Terror is a awesome tape. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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