Wednesday, July 28

BOG (1983) - 1987 Air Video/Ariel International Releasing Big Box VHS

I've been forced to resort to the top shelf from my laziness over the past few days. Don Keeslar's eternal masterwork for all man, Bog, isn't itself rare at all. Its horrid stench has long lingered on tape with a plethora of mostly crap EP-speed cheapies and naturally a terrible looking transition onto digital disc. Though this AIR Video big box is certainly the rarest of any of Bog's releases. Not merely super rare, but more like mega-über rare with a cherry on top just like any of the titles from this long extinct fly-by-nighter. 


Anonymous said...

Very cool release, would love to find it someday! -Earl

DrunkethWizerd said...

Totally hot cover... once again.

Nachthymnen said...

Amazing artwork, really better than the other bog's VHS that I know. I hope that I'll find it one day :p

Unknown said...

Bog is a cool movie....I have Children of the Night AKA Daughters of Darkness on Air Video.Interested in selling. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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