Friday, July 23

BREAKING: The Return of the Living Dead (1985) Announced for Blu-ray

. have just posted a new Blu-ray sales listing for Dan O'Bannon's The Return of the Living Dead from MGM Entertainment on September 14th for $24.99. The specs will likely change being a brand new listing, notice the 1.33:1 full screen ratio, but the number of discs is currently pegged as two. 



Jack J said...

Interesting! It'll be interesting to see if they're finally gonna put out the fully uncut and lbx'ed version which only exists on VHS in the UK! The reg. 1 DVD is lbx but has altered (i.e. fucked up) soundtrack, and the UK DVD has the original soundtrack but is FS.

J. Astro said...

MGM's standard RoTLD disc was one of my first ever DVD purchases, and it may just be worth an early-contender spot in my Blu-ray library, as well. Tradition, & such. You know.

Buscemi said...

Sounds like a DVD + Blu Ray release with the Collector's Edition as the first disc and a movie-only Blu Ray on the second disc. Expect to see it for $15 at some places.

Unknown said...

Double dipping. I have no other choice. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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