Tuesday, July 13

Thanks and Sub Rosa's Truth or Dare? Re-release

Just wanted to thank Joe Monster of From Beyond Depraved! and Strange Kid of Strange Kids Club for Versatile Blogger Award nods! I'm always humbled when sites I admire and think are way better than this little place come outta nowhere and bestow such nice gestures of appreciation. I have my own little blogger award memes so I'll reserve my picks for those later in the year. Thanks again guys and thanks as usual to everyone who visits! Like I've said in the past, BoGD was intended to be a place I'd enjoy stopping by daily, and I'm glad to see others are enjoying it as well.

Over at the The Blood Sprayer, I just posted a little thing about Sub Rosa's fresh re-issue of Tim Ritter's Truth or Dare?: A Critical Madness (1986). It's one of my favorite '80s SOVs (well, 16mm) and the studio's prior DVD was going for upward of forty bucks after it went out-of-print. This one is only ten bucks on Amazon, includes all of the prior extras, and for some unknown reason came in a solid white case instead of black.

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Anonymous said...

Sub Rosa/MVD just sent me a copy of Truth or Dare to review on my blog. Looking forward to watching and reviewing it soon.

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