Monday, July 26

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn (死霊のはらわた2) (1987) - 2006 Universal Studios Japanese DVD

After waiting over a month, this one finally arrived in the mailbox. I was planning on a capture comparison between this Japanese disc and the two Anchor Bays, but the transfer is the same as the Anchor Bay THX edition--just interlaced. Despite that, the image quality still kicks the shit outta AB's Necronomicon-packaged abomination. The quality here is pretty much identical to the interlaced Hong Kong Panorama disc with better encoding. Zero supplements with Japanese, Chinese, and Portuguese subtitles on either English 5.1 or 2.0 tracks. Universal Japan is set to debut a Blu-ray on September 23rd. So maybe, just maybe, we'll finally see a real high definition presentation instead of the garbage North American, British, and French Blu-rays.

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