Thursday, July 22

The Convent (2000) - Japanese Albatros Film DVD

I'm tired as hell today from the blistering heat, so please excuse yet another scan. I think this is a good one though. I've always enjoyed Mike Mendez's demonic nun, ass-kickin' Adrienne Barbeau-starring indie The Convent. Mendez exhibits great tact in delivering a brisk, funny, and gory ode to Night of the Demons with smatterings of The Evil Dead. This one has a freeing sense of not being afraid to be itself instead of either demanding or unrealistically believing in a trumped up self-importance--an attribute shared with the two '80s classics mentioned above. It's simply harmless fun--even with the appearance of Coolio.

The cover art of this disc doesn't quite have anything to do with the actual content. Only goes to show how the Japanese possess an unfailing knack to make anything look like a must-own. I'd recommend throwing this flick in your collection even without this wild art.

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