Saturday, July 17

Today was Horror Mag & Mega Awesome Poster Day on my Picking in the Sticks!

Traveling ninety miles in the wilds of Pennsylvania for two days straight to look for the types of stuff I geek out over is daunting. The state isn't particularity known as a haven of horror, despite the upcoming Horrorfind Weekend dropping in Gettysburg instead of Murderla...I mean Maryland. That's not a slight against the birth place of the modern zombie, but it doesn't come to mind as a natural place to unearth horror goodies. It's actually a hard place to find a certain type of most things.

Antiques and collectible shops can be found all over the lower half of Pennsylvania--most are shit. You either get that high brow garbage for people that can afford to blow thousands on darky wind-ups or gaudy eight hundred pound dressers. Or broken, old, and sun-bleached crap no one wants. Or crafts. Fuck crafts. There's also so much that you might walk into a place with nothing while the shop across the street you didn't even consider is a honeyhole. Whatever the case, VHS is treated with the same apathy, but with generally higher prices. No old dude, your tape of Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever isn't worth four bucks along with your other two hundred easily found tapes that will never sell.  Ma'am, you're worthless Disney tapes have tripped into negative points of worthlessness from their covers being so faded that it's impossible to tell what the movie is unless you look at the tape. Take several trips to the dumpster.      

I also had ignorant assholes crowding me out with surprising frequency both days. As a guideline of courtesy, if someone is already looking at a small box or general section of movies, I make a point to wait at a distance until they move on. I don't stand pretty much right by their side, lean over right in front of them, and/or reach across right in front of their faces to grab something. I had this occur on five or six occasions from both sexes young and old. Stand the fuck back, especially if you're one of those idiots who has to look at the cover of every movie to identify it. Learn to read or get a new hobby. You'd think in a place with so much beautifully empty countryside...

I might sound just a touch bitter, but I'm pretty excited. All said and done, some badass stuff was saved from the clutches of the land of John Deere and cow shit. Most of these classic mags were only five bucks or less which is nuts considering their age and popularity on the collector's market. Also scored a few fresher horror movie mags for $2 a piece. But the real story are the two posters I absolutely had to make mine.

The first, a full size 27x40 one-sheet for Redneck Zombies for Trans World Entertainment's home video release. This isn't the film's original poster (seen here), but the TWE re-design either sent to or requested by video stores to help drum up awareness. I love Pericles Lewnes's feature way more than what's recommended to the general public, so I had to own this. There is some staining along the bottom left, but the huge graphic is bright and in great condition. The second, a 24x36 advert for Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors from Media's video release. Another favorite, this one (I believe) was part of a two poster set that were sent to video stores bound together. The perforated bottom edge indicates that the long sheet was probably tore in half to result in two posters. I see these posters marrying my prior love for the movies and my present love for the tapes and movies. I'll be framing these real soon!

TALES OF THE ZOMBIE #1, Curtis/Marvel 1973

MONSTERS UNLEASHED #1, Curtis/Marvel 1973

CREEPY #50, Warren 1973

ALIEN OFFICIAL MOVIE MAGAZINE, Warren 1979 (sticker on the outer bag)

(Ultra Violent #7 & 8, Dark Side #118, Filmfax #42, Rue Morgue #85)


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DrunkethWizerd said...

Creepy #50! Alright... Vampirella is teh hotness.

Also in regards to your words, shit like that is happening all over the place. People have no courtesy any more. This is one of the reasons I dread standing in any sort of line. First of all, I'm not fond of the idea of lines to begin with... but then there's always someone about to rub their crotch on your bumm. You move up a little bit, and they follow while breathing on your neck. No matter how much or little you try to edge away, they seem to get closer. Gross. I diagonally stepped forward one time and the person got on my side, like now we're in the same position in line. WTF? you dare tread upon the staircase?

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