Wednesday, September 29

Pesadilla sangrienta (Vacaciones de terror 2 / Vacations of Terror 2: Diabolical Birthday) (1991) - 1995 Platino Video U.S. VHS

Speaking of early forms of Anchor Bay, upon receiving this tape, I was surprised to see that "Platino Video" was a branch of Video Treasures. The EP-speed cassette has VT's usual cheap white stamping directly on the plastic as its label. An English-subbed presentation can be found on the out-of-print DVD of Deimos Entertainment's Horror from South of the Border, Vol. 1
Be sure to check out this hilarious review over at Bleeding Skull.

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Armando H. said...

Ahhhh, I never knew that Vacation of Terror 2 had a different title on video. Interesting. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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