Tuesday, May 10

The Exterminator (1980) - 1984 Embassy Home Entertainment VHS

Long day at work, so here's a scan I've been meaning to...errr...scan of Embassy's R-rated tape of James Glickenhaus's gleefully exploitative urban actioner, The Exterminator, with the über-badass trifecta of Ginty, George, and James. Synapse's in-the-wings remastered DVD/Blu-ray release can't come soon enough considering how weak Anchor Bay's ancient disc is.

Don May Jr. said this back in November regarding their eventual edition: "We are searching for the best film material to present the uncut version and scan it in 2K HD. We know where all the material is stored, and it's going to be an interesting hunt to go through the vault and see what's there." I'm also fairly certain May is still trying to track down the stereo mix for the uncut version.

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