Saturday, May 14

YMMV: Out-of-Print Silent Night, Deadly Night Triple Feature Resurfaces at Best Buy

After hearing two friends over on the Facebook running across Lionsgate's out-of-print Silent Night, Deadly Night Parts 3-5 triple feature at Best Buy, I surprisingly found three copies at my local store for $14.99. This set isn't too pricey online, but you know how prices suddenly climb for discontinued horror, so here's your second chance. It's (bloody) Christmas in May!

Oddly, all three copies I spotted had battered slipcovers with fingernail impressions and tearing along the back UPC square cut-out. Like they were in the back and then placed out again recently for sale. As you're probably aware of, Best Buy doesn't seem to keep a catalog of horror titles anymore making this reappearance especially strange. The downside is that the transfers for these three are sourced from old video masters. The upside is that I finally have all five on disc...


SaxCatz said...

The real trick is finding parts 1 & 2 without breaking the bank!

Anthony1138 said...

Nice find. A truly uneven and odd collection of sequels.

BTW, I dig the Peter Vincent pic. The remake trailer looks like complete rubbish. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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