Sunday, May 29

Retribution (1987) - 1989 Virgin Vision Alternate Cover VHS

Maybe I was too hard on Guy Magar's Retribution when reviewing the Japanese VHS awhile ago. Watching it now in the background, the concept of a suicidal man's soul swapped with a stranger's spirit that's screaming for vengeance over his own brutal murder during a near death experience is certainly a novel idea. The gory murders perpetrated by the survivor and his quest to discover the truth behind his visions and possession could make for a compelling horror outing.

It's still weighed down by a miscast Dennis Lipscomb, unrealistic love interest, and lengthy duration. Not to mention the damn MPAA cuts to the splatter. Regardless, I snagged a tape this morning featuring a different cover than the usual Virgin Vision VHS. Both the cover and cassette give no indication of being a screener, promo, or otherwise special from the "regular" version. Anyone else own or ever see this cover?

Alternate Cover TOP | "Standard" Cover BOTTOM 

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