Monday, May 2

This Past Weekend's Swap Meet Diggings Were Fruitful...

It was quality over quantity this weekend. In spite of not being in the best shape, these are quite rare and it was surprising find to them at a familiar swap meet from three different sellers. Even with having to work both mornings and venturing out hours late...

Regal Video's 1984 big box of Invasion of the Blood Farmers (1972) was a measly $2 from a toy dealer with ridiculous mark-ups on toys you can still easily snag. The tape was thrown in a junkbox off to the side and suffered some crushing because of the original "large" clamshell was replaced by a slimmer "Disney-sized" clamshell. I don't mind such damage since in complements the whole Grindhouse ex-rental aesthetic. What irks me more is finding UV-faded covers or an otherwise mint box with one big gouge/mark.

Catalina Home Video's 1983 Meatcleaver Massacre (Hollywood Meatcleaver Massacre) (1977) was 75¢ from a nice old lady whose had an in-door nook for months. She finally brought in more tapes and what makes this one interesting is the rental place. I have no idea where "Video Pleasure of Edwin Manor" once sat, but I've been finding great tapes from their stock around the area for about two years (have around thirty so far). Unfortunately the slipbox has been cut up; however, the cassette is in good shape with the spine and back cover included. Titles from Catalina's catalog are as rare as hen's teeth. The only other Catalina release I own is Lucio Fulci's The Psychic (another Edwin Manor ex-rental). Check out Paul's review from Slasher Index below.

Magnum Entertainment's 1986 clamshell of Mondo Magic (Magia nuda) (1975) is the least in rarity of the three. Bought for a buck from an old greasemonkey with more car parts than anything else. You can see that at one point the cover was flipped around in the case from the dogearred bottom edge. The artwork partners well with Magnum's clam of Shocking Asia (1976).

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