Saturday, May 7

Go To Swap Meet: Find Crystal Lake's Favorite Son!

Completely by surprise I snagged this Gentle Giant animaquette statue of Jason this morning. The purposely artistic interpretation of the lanky sculpt may not be to everyone's liking, but I love the very '70s retro toy feel. Got him in his like-new box and certificate verifying he's #135 out of #1,000 for $30! Kick ass!

"This Jason Voorhees Animaquette stands 10.5 inches tall. This Mad Monster Party-esque depiction of the mighty Jason Voorhees applies a slightly more caricature aesthetic---although Jason is armed with his familiar bloodstained machete just to show you that he still means business. Carrying a recent victim over his shoulder, Jason is now en route to his makeshift shack deep within the twilit woods of Crystal Lake. Once this current victim is stacked alongside the others---and offered reverently before the candlelit Pamela Voorhees Shrine---Jason will diligently venture out in search of others. Jason's work is not complete until the only sounds emanating from Crystal Lake are those of the crickets and whippoorwills."

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Craig Edwards said...

That is wonderful! I love the description Mad Monster Party-like! That's perfect! And it actually makes me wish they'd make an updated sequel with all the great slashers in that style! Thanks for posting this! you dare tread upon the staircase?

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