Thursday, July 7

First thing done getting back on eBay after a few months?

Grabbing a Betamax mate for my Embassy Escape from New York VHS, of course. It arrived today so now I have "matching" format clamshells for Carpenter's lean machine of apocalyptic kickassery and Humongous (detailed here for those for missed it).

You'll notice that instead of what many companies did, placing a Beta sticker over a VHS spine logo, Embassy had separate but otherwise identical covers that denoted each format. I included the Warner and Thorn EMI clams to show the "in-between" size of Embassy's cases. Because of their unique size, it's especially important to get the original case in decent shape.          

1 comment:

Jason said...

If you "ever" come across another Embassy clamshell release of Escape From New York, let me know. I'll take it! you dare tread upon the staircase?

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