Monday, July 4

Prevue #66 Dec '87 Article: Trick or Treat (1986) Film Preview

A nice little discovery was made out of a pile of old Prevue magazines picked up yesterday for pennies. The defunct magazine, formerly known as Mediascene and Comixscene, was mostly geared toward mainstream fare with several page movie previews with large color and b/w stills and a few paragraphs of sizzle selling the featured movies. It's a good source for '80s action fans since the likes of Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Norris, and Bronson seem to pop up in every issue (for example, #62 features Commando followed directly by Death Wish 3, it was a mini-Christmas flipping through those pages).

Horror flicks seem rare in the publication, I guess they figured Fango was the go-to, but Charles Martin Smith's satisfying metal-flavored horror yarn Trick or Treat is buried in the back of #66 (dubbed a "comedy/thriller"?!?). This film still needs a decent DVD presentation, but the likelihood of that was hampered by a glut of shady cheapie discs a few years ago. Fingers-crossed someone will look into this one now that those releases aren't clogging dollar stores anymore. This write-up at least provides some tidbits from the late Tony Fields who played the hair-teased demonic rocker and director. Mayyyyybeeee you'll see,
someone's put a spell on me!


R.S. Sterling said...

I know it's cool to not like this movie, but I loved it then and I really like it now. Own the soundtrack even.

Craig Edwards said...

Another movie shot about five miles from where I sit - I remember seeing it in the theater in Illinois in '86, before I moved to NC - I thought it was fun - but it strikes me now that it's a little like the R rated movies that get lightened up to a PG-13 these days - the move just cries out to be raunchier than it is. I should try it again though - my tastes have changed/moved on/improved/worsened - so you never know what I might think these days! Terrific post!

Unknown said...

This is a treasure to me! Thanks so much for posting it! I'm a hardcore fan of Trick or Treat and have been watching every year during Halloween since I was a kid. Awesome article and great find! you dare tread upon the staircase?

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