Wednesday, July 27

Rambo (First Blood Part II) (1985) - SUPER SERIES II - 1985(?) Pioneer LDC Japan LaserDisc

Yet another Buy It Now eBay grab that was the cheapest out of a seller's LDs. This was $13 shipped versus $25+ for other non-import, non-kick ass flicks. This release doesn't feature Pioneer's logo anywhere on the cover or disc and simply states "Manufactured by Laserdisc Corporation, Distributed by Pioneer Electronic Corporation Japan." The gold audio stickers are on the outer plastic sleeve and it's mind-boggling to think this release originally cost $100USD at the current exchange rate. Also digging around I've seen this release with a "longways" side Obi compared to this one's "corner" Obi. Japanese graphic art designers certainly have a way of making everything seem like a do-or-die must see!


/ said...

That looks awesome! I'd love to find some deals like that, the best I've managed is a Japanese LD of Umbrellas of Cherbourg that was all tore up and had speckling on both sides. I'd really kill for that badass looking Streets of Fire Japanese LD, but I've only seen it for like $30 and up. Some day that will be mine.

Jason said...

Wow! Hey, one question, does it have the rare Carolco logo at the beginning? If it's there, then please upload it on YouTube. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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