Friday, July 15

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988) - 1992 Midnite Movies Hawaiian(?) VHS

The more I dig around to find details on this VHS of Fred Olen Ray's career masterstroke, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, the odder it becomes. Midnite Movies released tapes in the Netherlands that found their way throughout Europe. The Abomination was catalog #MM01 and Ozone: Attack of the Redneck Zombies was #MM02. This tape is "MM003" (extra zero?); the only problem is there's no dual Dutch/English text on the back (just English), no ratings stickers, and the tape is NTSC (or playable in North American decks).

The large clamshell coverart actually resembles the British Colourbox clamshell art, seen here at, with many subtle differences. The back has the most interesting alterations. The box with the BBFC18 rating instead has Midnite Movies' howling wolf logo. The Colourbox square logo to that box's right is missing. The copyright information in the bottom right hand on the Midnite Movies edition corner lacks Fred Olen Ray's name after "COPYRIGHT © 1988". The Colourbox has a "PACKAGING COPYRIGHT" of 1988 while the MM states 1992.

Otherwise, the MM back is identical save for "Special Uncut Edition" in pink replacing "Colourbox Presents..." across the top edge. Also the UK VHS as well as Camp Motion Picture's 1988 US VHS begin with "Camp Motion Pictures in Association with..."  before "American-Independent Presents" on the front cover's bottom credits. As you can see, the Camp Motion mention is completely absent on this Midnite Movies front cover. Strangely enough the tape opens with their logo just like the official CMP release. I'm only saying this release is Hawaiian because it arrived from an eBay seller based in the sparsely-populated Makawao. Seems funny such a thing would be there of all places to begin with...  

So why no proper scan? The original case had some nasty dried mold which I carefully cleaned from the paper before chucking that case in the trash. The replacement case has a enforced spine making every cover removal risky, it was hard enough inserting, so I'm not going to tempt fate. I have no idea what the deal is on this one's origins, but it's a pretty badass bootleg if that's the case!          

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Unknown said...

You never stop amazing me with the releases you dig up, Jayson. Very cool stuff.

On a side note, this has always been my favorite Fred Olen Ray film. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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