Monday, July 18

Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks (1974) / The Mad Butcher (1971) - 1983 BFV Home Video VHS

It came from eBay! Been pining for this early Best Film & Video clamshell for quite some time!


Matthew Coniam said...

Top find. Two extraordinarily compulsive movies in a seriously droolsome package!
Shame they dubbed Buono: he's a terrific actor.

Eric Cotenas said...

I've got the BFV THE CHILD/DUNGEON OF TERROR double. There's also one for AXE/SCREAM IN THE STREETS, as well as ones for BEHIND LOCKED DOORS (I think that's a double but I don't know the co-feature) and one for MANTIS IN LACE (I think that one's a single).

Luigi Bastardo said...

I just got four of those BFV releases in the mail today: HITCHHIKE TO HELL/KIDNAPPED COED, A SCREAM IN THE STREETS/AXE, THE CHILD/DUNGEON OF TERROR, and MANTIS IN LACE/BEHIND CLOSED DOORS (the first movie is labeled as I DISMEMBER MAMA on the cover!). Very excited! you dare tread upon the staircase?

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