Thursday, August 25

New Evil Dead II Blu-ray Artwork and Damn Fuckin' Straight, Lionsgate!

Finally, after Anchor Bay stupidly took uneducated criticism to heart and produced the truly awful looking Book of the Dead DVD edition and utilized the same ruined master for their Blu-ray, there might still be hope for Sam Raimi's perennial horromedy  Evil Dead 2 to actually look like film again on video since over a decade. Fingers, toes, and naughty bits crossed...  

From Fangoria: "While chatting up all those Sam Raimi associates, Felsher has also been talking to them about EVIL DEAD II, which Lionsgate Home Entertainment issues on a new Blu-ray currently slated for November 15. While Felsher can’t reveal everything you can expect to find on this disc, he does tell us, “There will be a huge making-of documentary with over two dozen members of the cast and crew [including Campbell, pictured above], and much more. Also, Lionsgate is aware of how dissatisfied people were with the transfer on the previous EVIL DEAD II Blu-ray, and are taking steps to solve that issue for the new edition."

25th Anniversary Edition Supplements (coming November 15th, 2011):
  • NEW Audio Commentary with Cast/Crew
  • NEW “Swallowed Souls: The Making of Evil Dead II” Documentary
  • NEW “Road to Wadesboro: The Location of Evil Dead II” Featurette
  • NEW “Cabin Fever: Behind the Scenes of Evil Dead II” Featurette
  • NEW Video/Still Gallery of Marketing Materials, Production, Special Effects, Animation, and more!
  • Archival Featurettes, Footage, Galleries, TV Spots and more!
Just as a reminder, Lionsgate, fix this! (Anchor Bay 2004 BotD DVD, 2007 Blu-ray)

...back to something like this! (Anchor Bay's beautiful 2000 THX DVD)

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