Tuesday, August 9

Possible Explanations Behind Last Night's DEMON QUEEN Insanity...

  • Rob Zombie needed it for his walk-in closet horror VHS collection.
  • Director Donald Farmer made a pact with Satan and obtaining an original VHS copy was the only way to break the unholy bond.
  • Despite being the "one", there was a contract stipulation stating The Highlander needed it to finally earn "the prize".
  • It was confused with Marilyn Monroe's sex tape. (actually, scratch that)
  • Michael Bay needed one to blow up in the upcoming Bad Boys III: Shit Just Got Real.
  • The "stars" of this abomination are out to destroy all known copies by any means necessary.
  • Those damned lucky sperm hipsters...
  • Fuckin' magnets...
  • Vinz Clortho required it for The Coming of The Destructor.
  • Demon Queen was a massive hit in the alternate dimension of shadow people, so the forces beyond mystically hijacked Donald Trump's eBay account to acquire a copy.
  • Someone took the whole "Watch Horror Movies, Keep America Strong!" mantra a bit too literally...
  • *BoGD EXCLUSIVE*: Peter Jackson bought it to study for his 2013 remake!


Deranged said...

Check out the link for a bit of history regarding the cover image (used on the UK pre cert release of Nightmare City!)


Anthony1138 said...

I admit it, that was my winning bid. I wanted to break into the VHS collecting game in a big way. I'm gonna show all you other chumps who really runs the VHS game!

Seriously, I wonder if the winner opted for the economy shipping?

Explosive Action said...

That cover was also used on my Australian edition of The Gates of Hell aka City of the Living Dead. Only the text is different. Hilarious!

J. Astro said...

Meh. Actually, -I- bought it. I needed a case exactly that size for my copy of "ZACHARIAH", starring Don Johnson and Country Joe & The Fish. I'm gonna toss out the tape and the cover insert. *shrug*

Ian Miller said...

Don't forget The James Gang!

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