Saturday, August 6

The trifecta is complete, now go forth and mutilate...

Finally, Sideshow's Classic Elm Street Freddy and F13 Part 3 Jason 12" figures were found after years of only having their Leatherface. Sideshow has released a plethora of figures from these franchises but these three sorta belong together as each has "also available" pictures of the other two on their backs. Maybe these are the first figures Sideshow released of these icons? With horror toys, I only collect what I like which is almost exclusively 18" figures, so I can't tell ya anything about the history behind these. Also picked up this morning was NECA's 18" New Blood Jason new in-box like the Sideshows!

...and a big thanks for 200k hits!


Unknown said...

Nice score, I have a couple of the Freddys and Jason ones that were released. The part 3 jason I know is harder to get for some reason. My prized possession from sideshow is the 12inch Creature from The Black Lagoon. Sideshow does a great job with their products the only ones that maybe pass them is Hot Toys but their so expensive.

DrunkethWizerd said...

I got these. You should seek out the New Nightmare Freddy figure. It rocks. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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