Sunday, August 7

The Untold Story (Eight Immortals Restaurant of Flesh Buns) (1993) - 1997 Albatros Japan VHS

I only grabbed this completely non-English friendly VHS out of my questionable love for this totally off-the-hinges Category III exaggeration of Wong Chi-hang's horrific Macau restauranteur killing spree in 1985. The cherry on top is Anthony Wong deservingly winning Hong Kong's Best Actor Oscar equivalent for his chillingly believable performance as the disturbed killer.

Now Wong's a top veteran in his industry and is so audience friendly that he appears in television commercials. Crazy and something that simply wouldn't happen in Hollywood. It would be like a young Brad Pitt winning Best Actor by depicting an acid-wielding Dahmer drilling holes into the heads of his victims in nauseating close-up only to have the same high status today.


Toxaemia said...

I love this movie! Anthony Wong always makes a convincing psychopath. And the chopstick penetration scene, still makes me clutch my lady parts in horror ;)

Cherry Neko said...

He's Anthony Wong, enough said. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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