Friday, August 12

Phoenix, the Raider (1985) - 1986 Madera Cinevideo VHS

Here's what looks like an impossibly obscure North American video of Hong Kong crap released by a distributor that seems that have otherwise specialized in Mexican fare for Latino audiences. I found this tape way out, about a hundred miles away, on a day trip into Pennsylvania today. Most interesting outta the bunch.

Unfortunately the cover has seen better days with the biggest issue being moisture from rain warping and getting in-between the plastic sleeve and paper cover. Once such dampness settles in, it's nearly impossible to ever remove or even move the cover from case without considerable damage since paper chunks easily rip off and stick to the case. I was lucky to basically mutilate the case around the sleeve to remove it with minimal tearing. Eh, the damage adds to the grindhouse aesthetic!                



Jayson Kennedy said...

Checking it out now, full screen cropped probably from 2.35:1 (almost looks shot on video though), English dubbed, no subs.

Jayson Kennedy said...

Holy shit, I'm hearing bits of Morricone's Once Upon a Time in the West score and Pink Floyd's "Time" being used as the film's score! Hahaha! you dare tread upon the staircase?

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