Tuesday, April 9

Wizard Video Re-release Video Update, Charles Band responds to the accusations!

This video just popped up of Band addressing Paul's new video and it's even hit Fangoria.com!


R.Sterling Carody said...

And what's your take on this new info?

Jayson Kennedy said...

The general fuzziness of the new box art and sign of "scanned" sticker residue on the new Headless Eyes box really is damning, I'd love to hear Band address those issues directly.

There's also been tiny outfits that have released VHS big boxes in the past year or so like Massacre Video's 555, Alternative Cinema's The Basement, and NY Horror Productions Turnpike Killer, all big boxes. So Band's assertion about the usual print runs and pricing of doing big boxes now is bull.

Jayson Kennedy said...

Also I added your blog to my blogroll on the right column! Thanks for the continued visits and comments! :)

R.Sterling Carody said...

Oh, well thanks! Yours is one of my favs. I will certainly return the favor.

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