Thursday, November 12

BoGD's Extra Freakin' Hard Guess The Horror Screenshots

Inspired by Freddy in Space's "Name That Movie" games, I've devised my own take dubbed the Extra Freakin' Hard Guess The Horror Screenshots. I've dug deep into my DVD collection in an attempt to stump everyone who dares guess. I'll start with three shots of films from three different countries and decades. These shots are all sourced from DVD, but one isn't officially available on the format anywhere and two aren't released in America on home video. I'll add hints in the comments as the guesses roll in...good luck...mwhahahahaha!


Franco Macabro said...

Wow, and here I thought I knew everthing. Those are pretty obscure man! I would like to play this game...but those three are damn near impossible. I cannot figure out where they are from!

Jayson Kennedy said...'s some hints!

Shot 1: 2002 Film, Italian, this Italian director's last film

Shot 2: 1972 Film, Spanish, prominent Spanish horror director known to often work with an icon

Shot 3: 1998 Film, Japanese, this is the only horror feature directed by this Japanese director, the rest are ninja-based films

Jayson Kennedy said...

C'mon! No one...?

Steampunk said...

First one is Flight to Hell. Hands down the most intellect-insulting bad movie I've ever seen, and I'm no neophyte.

Why are random background shots constantly rendered in bad CG?

Why are entire scenes of dialogue ripped from The Thing?

Why are shots ripped from Aliens, in which the creatures look nothing like they do iother shots?

Sigh. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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