Wednesday, November 18

Who Thought The Anthropophagic Green Inferno Actually Resided in West Virginia?

It has arrived. Somehow, I found the Japanese CBS/FOX, Shochiku Home Video VHS of Cannibal Holocaust as a Buy It Now for $45 on eBay a week ago from a seller in West Virginia of all places. That might seem like a bit much, but when you consider Japanese pre-records often average at least $25, this was a no-brainer. Especially with this title being so highly coveted, this tape would have sky-rocketed well past that if it was a week long bidder auction. Hope the seller isn't reading this...hehehe...

Sadly, the tape is an ex-rental with stickers and some serious spine fading, but I don't really care. The stickers (all these) came off successfully and right now I'm in the middle of a geekgasm just looking at it. It's one of those tapes you never sell merely on principle.

Haven't watched any of it yet, but this VHS is said to be uncut with a listed runtime of 95 minutes (at the bottom of the red text on the back). The tape label states "© 1982 TRANSAMERICA FILM DISTRIBUTORS, N.V. INC. AND UNITED FILM INC. All Rights Reserved. © 1986 CBS/FOX Company. All Rights Reserved. CBS™ is a trademark of CBS Inc. used under license. FOX™ is a trademark of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation used under license." At twenty-three, this is the oldest Japanese pre-record I own.

(Japanese VHS, bootleg of Dutch Cult Epics VHS (bought way before any DVD release), two U.S. Grindhouse Releasing Editions, Dutch EC Entertainment Standard Edition, Dutch EC Entertainment Ultrabit Edition, Italian Alan Young Pictures Edition)


Drunketh said...

SERIOUS spine fading!!11 4 Lyfe.

Jayson Kennedy said...

Haha, yeah on the scan it looks bad but in the case it sorta looks like it should look like that.

Fear Finder said...

Nice grab!

ichneumon_fly said...

It's been said that Cannibal Holocaust was the highest groosing film in Japan other than E.T. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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