Sunday, January 10

The defining example of DVDBeaver being full of shit.

Read these ridiculous comments by Leonard Norwitz concerning the video quality of Fortune Star's Once Upon a Time in China II Blu-ray from Hong Kong posted yesterday at DVDBeaver. I cannot believe anyone, especially someone who calls himself a reviewer, would give anything even resembling praise upon such a wretched looking Blu-ray. Fortune Star have an emerging pattern of issuing heavily processed, poorly upscaled standard definition transfers onto Blu-ray and this example is no different. It's screamingly obvious the studio utilized a desaturated, overly brightened, and just plain shitty 480i standard def transfer for the next gen HD format. Norwitz should be ashamed of himself over his remarks as they tarnish the site and make him look dumb--or at worst a liar. Or perhaps he should stop trying to justify to himself a purchase of such weak product. Sour grapes should never interfere with the plain truth.

Now, I've had long standing gripes with DVDBeaver's vague assessments of Blu-ray video quality. They have a tendency of not noticing even obvious edge enhancement or digital noise reduction problems. This is why I only visit to look at their full resolution captures anymore, but c'mon, this is by far the most egregious praise of absolute trash I've ever read there. This Blu-ray would look terrible even if it was a Laserdisc presentation. This review puts the final nail in the coffin of DVDBeaver's credibility and they would be better served by just shutting their uneducated mouths about image quality. Stick to ejaculating to arthouse clusterfucks and begging for donations at every turn. It's obvious to anyone with vision that Fortune Star don't care about even trying to produce high definition transfers for their Blu-ray output and DVDBeaver apparently not caring about being honest to their readers. Sorry about getting pissy, but what's right is right, even on this little point.

EDIT: Thanks to Stac of Fan Fatales and Creepy Kitsch for the vitally important spelling correction! D'oh!

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Sam said...

You're my hero. The site is ugly, full of incorrect information that sucks up to certain companies and Gary Tooze asks for donations at every turn whilst at the same time posting in the Amazon affiliate boards that he has sold over 10000 releases in a month (netting him a minimum of $5k IMO). He also refuses to give credit to people who have written reviews for the site that he has reused for other releases. Hate Gary Tooze, hate Beaver. Give me a shout when you start hating on Bill Hunt over at Digital Bits. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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