Thursday, March 25

Where's the damn mailman?

I was going to do a little mail call entry since I was betting on getting at least one tape today. Bunch of stuff coming in. Yet nope, so I'm stuck having to do a little mostly self-serving odds and ends thingie. First off, and I feel terrible about this, but the fine and putrefied iZombie over at iZombieLover bestowed BoGD the great honor of a Zombie Rabbit award back in February. I'm extremely sorry for the all-too belated mention and gratitude. Be sure to take a gander at his March Contest where you just might win the opportunity to die, rot, and join the land of the living once more in photo-form...for free! I'd also like to thank everyone for the votes over at Zombies DON'T Run's Mr. Horror Blogosphere '09 contest.

In other newsy news, I've finally joined Facebook (profile here), so if you wish, you can become an interweb friend and such. I'm still trying to iron out some kinks with integrating BoGD there so hang tight. This is literally perhaps the third time I've ever even visited the Internet's omnipresent people info-aggregator.

Also updates might get a little more sparse here at BoGD. I'm starting to get back into cycling in the evenings after work; I need to get back into fighting shape. I'll try to throw up a little something daily and save the longer ramblings for the weekends. Nothing is concrete though. This weekend is open and if all goes well, I'll have some thoughts up either tomorrow night or Saturday on one of the most sought after horror tapes ever released in America (hint: the director is named after a bird). Also as stated the mail will hopefully yield the Video Home System goods. Plus the swap meet always beckons, so as usual, stay tuned!

RANDOMIZED VHS SCAN: The Devil Master (1976)

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