Monday, May 30

Night Life (1989) - 1990 RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video VHS

Will Sony ever give this forgotten little light fare zombie comedy the time of day on disc?


Craig Edwards said...

That must be from a later release, as I remember a different box when that movie premiered on video in 1990. I was working for a small video chain - Box Office Video - yes, specifically geared to make you think Blockbuster - when Night Life was released. I seem to remember a different look to the box we had on the shelves there. I was so looking forward to this one! I really liked Scott Grimes from the Critters movies, and of course love John Astin. Finally, the movie came out, and I got to see it. Sadly, found it kind of meh back then. I may have brought the wrong expectations to it, though. Probably should watch it again. Thanks for reminding me!

Anthony1138 said...

Never heard of this film. Gonna try to track down a copy on the interwebs.

BTW, my verification word is 'rehump'... amazing. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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