Thursday, June 9

Don't Look in the Basement (1973) - U.S. Gorgon Video & Canadian Cineplex Odeon VHS

Although it looks unlikely, the Cineplex Odeon cover is indeed authentic. For some reason, the distributor simply scanned a Gorgon/MPI slipbox released after that company's clamshell below. The cover is the same stiff, super-glossy stock as CO's other tapes and the cassette has their usual red label. The bad ceases were actually on the cover they originally scanned. Weird. A shame about Brownrigg's debut, like Scum of the Earth (Poor White Trash Part II), I found this yarn on the perils of a too-liberal policied sanitarium too tedious to hold interest. Doesn't stop me from appreciating its home video releases!    


Digital Orc said...

Ok, I spent most of ly time blogging in the basement... until now...

Anonymous said...

They misspelled Brownrigg on the cover? Ha Ha! you dare tread upon the staircase?

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